This is a bit weird – my first time blogging. I dont even know what I am doing but here goes. So why blog….um that’s an interesting question….not sure about the answer to that but I think because life for me at the 50 plus….only just (53) is bloody confusing. I never thought I would be confused about Life at 50 plus! I really thought that when I was 30 even 40 that by 50 I would have life sorted!! But NOPE…far from it. How come I havent sorted it???? Questions…reflection and hopefully through this blog try to figure it out!! So if there is anyone out there who wants to help me out on this journey please feel free to comment. I reckon that through engaging collective consciousness…..we can get momentum and us baby boomers can rock!….well thats my personal philosophy.

I will be writing my blog hopefully on a daily basis …so come and visit read and post your thoughts, ideas, and words of wisdom. Kxxxxxxxxxxx

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