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Fitness and Wellbeing for Baby Boomers – Stretch goals


Just had an amazing weekend with 2 friends. We went on a bit of a road trip left Friday and back Sunday. On Saturday we completed a 6 hour walk through some amazing native bush and incredible coastal scenery! See attached photos. My friend has asked me to coach her around life planning and help […]

Questions to consider…


Hello again I have been pondering a number of questions lately and thinking that maybe it about time to    start seeking some answers…. Question 1 – What worries me most about the future?  Answer: Retirement with no money, the frailties of old age and being alone? Question 2 – What excites me most about the future? […]

The Challenges ahead for the Baby Boomer…..


What is a baby boomer? The Business Directory at – defines Baby Boomers as….People born between the end of World War 2 (1945) and the late 1960s periodduring which the populations and economies of certain nations (particularly the US boomed. This term was coined in 1974 when the advertisers recognized the spending power and very different […]


This is a bit weird – my first time blogging. I dont even know what I am doing but here goes. So why blog….um that’s an interesting question….not sure about the answer to that but I think because life for me at the 50 plus….only just (53) is bloody confusing. I never thought I would […]