Fitness and Wellbeing for Baby Boomers – Stretch goals

At the top of the hill
Just had an amazing weekend with 2 friends. We went on a bit of a road trip left Friday and back Sunday. On Saturday we completed a 6 hour walk through some amazing native bush and incredible coastal scenery! See attached photos. My friend has asked me to coach her around life planning and help her get fit and ready for the Cape Brett challenge on April 27th 2012. She wanted to have a practise walk and wanted to only do the 10km walk….which by the way was the same distance for Leg 1 of the Cape Brett challenge – I knew she had the capacity to do more so her partner and I conned her into thinking she was only going to to the 10km walk on Saturday…..but no we had a plan and we ended up walking 22km. It was a tough walk and there was lots of moaning and swearing! But hey she did it and now she cant go and do the 10km challenge she will have to do the 36km!!

So here is a tip about setting stretch goals………….

don’t worry about setting your stretch goals…just surround yourself with a friend or partner who loves you and is not afraid to push you beyond where you believe you can go – then moan groan and complain about it! Guess what there is a 100% chance you will achieve!

For us Baby Boomers who are trying to get ready to living longer fitter and healthy lives don’t worry about the end goal.. eg “I must get super fit like all those wonderful role models in great outfits, wrinkle free, tanned beautiful bodies and incredible smiles and the list goes on…..” NO just do one step and pick one physical challenge (within reason) that you have never done before and would quite like to REGISTER, TRAIN AND GO FOR IT!!!

Since I turned 50 every year I have done 1 physical activity that I have never done before in my life. I suppose it is like a physical challenge bucket list. I don’t actually plan these activities the Universe delivers them to me! Which is interesting…anyway at:
50 years old 100km Oxfam walk in 23 hours!
51 years old 21km off road half marathon
52 years old after doing a 6 WEEK BootCamp course then joined the gym and LOVE Balance classes, yoga and pump!
53 years old April 27th 2012 36 Km Cape Brett challenge….bring it on
Walk 3

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