The Challenges ahead for the Baby Boomer…..

What is a baby boomer?

The Business Directory at – defines Baby Boomers as….People born between the end of World War 2 (1945) and the late 1960s periodduring which the populations and economies of certain nations (particularly the US boomed. This term was coined in 1974 when the advertisers recognized the spending power and very different demands of these (then) youngsters

So what are the challenges ahead for baby boomers? Well today I faced one of those challenges…attending lots of funerals!

I am at a time of my baby boomer life that now the only time I get to catch up with extended family and friends is at funerals. My dad had three brothers and now there are only 2 left and they are 87 and 92. There are also only 2 wives left 92 & 93. My Aunty Carol is one of the most amazing 93 year old woman I know…not that I know many! Today at my Aunty Rae’s funeral who has also been Aunty Carols friend for 67 years… I asked Aunty Carol what her secret was to being so ALIVE at 93? She laughed and said she had no secret it was just “good old plain luck” As all the cousins left to go home we all looked at each other not saying anything but we all knew that we would be seeing each other at the “next funeral’ dreading who that may be.

It occurred to me as we drove away that as well as having to attend lots of funerals as a baby boomer I am finding myself now at a place where my parents would have been and now I am beginning to understand what it is like to be a grown up!!

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